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How to Find a Good Dog Crate Although expensive, a dog crate can be the most important things you’ll ever buy for your dog. Most especially if your dog is big. Deciding what type of crate you should buy can prove to be a problem. There are questions that you will ask yourself like whether you need to get a metal, plastic, or one that has wheels. At the end of it all you will have to settle on one. But this decision highly depends on your dog’s requirements and your preferences. For you to be in a position to find a good crate for your dog, you have to consider the following. Any type of dog crate you purchase has its advantages and disadvantages but you need to ensure that the cons do not outweigh the pros. A soft-sided crate will be right for your dog if you travel by air from time to time. They are portable since they are not heavy. If no longer needed you can always store them away since they are foldable. Most of them have cabin flight approval. If your dog isn’t the calm type and usually does a lot of scratching and chewing, it’s not advisable to purchase a soft-sided crate. Family owners mostly opt to go for plastic crates. If by any chance you are one, this is the crate your dog needs. They can be easily cleaned and last for a long period of time. If you have many dogs and you don’t need the crates anymore, you can simply put them in a stack. The solid sides of this crate makes dogs less reactive this is because most dogs like this. Many of them have been approved for air cargo. Your dog may decide to chew it from the outside since it’s made using plastic. Keep in mind that plastic does absorb smell so as time goes by you may be unable to get rid of the dog odor. They are heavy and hard to demolish.
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Wire or metal crates are what you need to go for if you are a show dog kind of person. Features from both the soft-sided and plastic crates are what it’s made up of. They are foldable just like the soft-crates and this makes them portable. Just like plastic crates, metal crates can be easily hosed off. Metal doesn’t absorb odor by nature so the crate stays smell-free and permits flow of air. Breaking through is difficult for most dogs. It is however not good for reactive dogs. Most of them tend to rust with time. Metal crates are the heaviest of all the crates.
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The combination of plastic and metal crates usually known as combo crates are another option to consider. They are heavy and setting them up will require another person’s aid. The plastic also don’t fit in place as well as they should. So weigh your options and decide whether or not it can work for you.