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A Guide to Surveying.

Surveying refers to the science of establishing the location of certain points on the earth, the angles they form, and the stretch between them. History records that surveying was used by ancient Egyptians prior to the construction of the pyramids. Later in 3000BC, surveying gained more importance in civil law such that it became necessary to keep records of land surveys.

As a science, surveying applies geometry, law, mathematics and physics. The distinct classification of surveys have unique benefits to specific fields. For example, topographical surveys are useful to geologists and cartographers since the assist in generating an elevation map.

Surveys essential in the construction of a new project. It is also applicable in instances of property litigations, and in the transactions of real estate and mortgage. Legally, land surveying is a highly significant element of boundary determination.

There are various types of surveys used in determination of boundaries. These include the American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey, cadastral survey, boundary survey, subdivision survey, mortgage inspection, GPS survey, and the judicial survey.

When buying land, it is always important to have a survey done. This is so because you are entitled to the knowledge about easements, any encroachment issue, and the boundary lines. Land survey aids you with the knowledge regarding the position of your the land. It also helps you to know where your land starts and where it ends to make it easy for you while fencing.

The tools and equipment that surveyors use presently are advanced than those that were used earlier. Some of these special tools include the laser levels, theodolite, the GPS tool, and the surveyor’s wheel. Surveyors use laser levels in measuring elevation. On the other hand, theodolites are tools used in the calculation of elevation angles, and the heights of objects that are far away. GPS tools or Global Positioning Systems are position tools that accurately define the location of a given point. The surveyor’s wheel has the role of estimating distance.

Surveying equipments are available in the market and the choice depends on your desired style and the price. It is crucial to obtain information about various brands to make sure that you get the best surveying equipment that the market can provide. One of these brands that you will find in the market offering a variety of surveying equipment, is AGS. Before buying a surveying equipment from any brand, try to search for more information about them.

The costs associated with surveying are dependent on the type of survey used, the type of land, and the available documentation. Having current copies of the title and deed of the home will also help to reduce the costs for surveying.

When looking for a surveyor, you consider their experience and competency.

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